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Can’t I just pee alone?

My three year old takes after his older brothers. He has to be on mommy’s heels all the time. Luckily the older two are on the other side of the door, but they’re stinkers too. Tiniest human comes into the bathroom chiming “I come in with mommy too” in the most adorably tiny voice. While the older minions are outside the door asking me for water and why they have to wait 12 hours for their egg to hatch on my signing monsters.

Then I go outside to have a cigarette, and for five minutes of peace. HAH! Every 5 seconds tiniest human opens the door telling me that peppa pig found her little brother George hiding behind the chair, or that his older brother locked him in the closet. A few seconds later my 8 year old will open the door and yell very loudly that tiniest human called him a butthead and is telling him that he has a penis. Then my first born opens the door after that saying he has more subscribers on his YouTube. It never ends.

I love my kids. I adore every tiny hair on their head, their little hands, their hugs and kisses. They are absolutely amazing.
The little stinkers need to remember one tiny detail.

Daddy lives here too.


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