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Fun Friday For Your Tiny Humans

Disclosure *So I shamelessly posted affiliate links in this post. If you purchase items, I receive 10% of that purchase*

These past few days my writing has been on the serious side, so I thought it was time for some fun!

Monday through Friday I’m home all day with my three year old until the big kids get home.  As you parents with littles know, it can be difficult to amuse them all day.  The tiny tots have the attention span of a goldfish most of the time, and housework needs to be done.

The solution is simple for him.  He LOVES watching YouTube videos of “surprise eggs” What are surprise eggs you ask? They are plastic eggs of almost every size with little toys hidden inside that said youtuber opens up to reveal a surprise! Everything from Tsum Tsums ,Toki Doki blind boxes, and other adorable little toys/accessories.

This video in particular is one of his favorites.

The creator is also a mom, and is so engaging with her kiddo audience.  I love watching them with my baby boy, and I hope you and your little ones enjoy her videos too!


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