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Don’t You Want a Girl?

“Bless your heart, three boys?!” “I don’t know how you do it!” “I’m so glad I have girls” “Didn’t you want a girl?” These are only a few of the comments I get when out in public with my brood.  They come from complete strangers, and the last two especially in front of my boys is uncalled for.   I usually just smile and nod, and tell them how wonderful my kids are.

Now back to that one question.  Dont you want a girl? Of course, I would love to have a daughter! I’ve wanted a little girl since I was one myself.  I can’t CHOOSE a girl unless I fork over a crap ton of money and my first born.

I absolutely adore my boys. They are amazing little creatures and I wouldn’t trade them for girls any day of the week.  Yes they are loud, rambunctious, and beat he living hell out of each other (especially the older two). There aren’t quiet moments with tea parties and dress up, although all of them have taken a walk in my heels at some point.

Does my heart yearn for a little girl? Absolutely.  I want to buy all the headbands, and play with pound puppies again. I want to buy her dresses for school dances and talk about her first crush. I tried asking my oldest just last night if he likes any girls in his class, and he told me I was embarrassing him.  So we laughed and that was it.

It does sting every once is a while, like when I hear comments from random strangers. I had major gender disappointment with my second little guy, and that vanished the moment I laid eyes on him. My mom had passed away the previous year a few months before I found out I was pregnant.  I’m sure the grief of losing her had a huge impact on my feelings of DESPERATELY wanting a little girl to have that mother daughter relationship. With my third I was a little sad, but quickly snapped out of it and was ecstatic to meet the newest little man.

So here I am now with my three boys, one who will be a teenager next year! One who is a little bit more challenging, and the little tiny toddler, all of who have me wrapped around their little fingers.

I would love to experience raising both genders, but if I never get the chance it’s definitely not the end of the world because these three little boys I’m raising are my world.





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