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A Disney Throwback Thursday

I LOVE Disneyland. Well, I love all things Disney.  Growing up an hour and a half away in San Diego,  my family and I would go at least once a year.

Once I started my own family, that was a bit more difficult, especially living paycheck to paycheck.  We did manage to go several times though in the past 12 years.  Our most recent trip was last year in February, and sadly will be our last for a while because we moved to the Pacific Northwest at the end of 2016.

It was such a wonderful trip being the first for my two younger boys.  Our youngest was just about two, but he was still able to enjoy it, and still talks about it.

There is something so absolutely magical as you walk into the park.  Making your way down main street, seeing Sleeping Beauty’s castle at the end. The kids eyes were all googly, taking it in. We arrived there late in the day and the fireworks had just started, and they had the lights projecting on the castle and the buildings.  I will admit that I teared up, there is just something about Disneyland.  Going as a parent is even more magical, because you watch your kids experience it too.


The older two stinkers on Its a Small World

We weren’t able to do much because the park closed at 9 that night, so back to the hotel we went. The next day we hit all the favorites (Splash Moutain being mine) and also made our way to California Adventure. My big kid went on California Screamin with me for his first time, while hubby took the little guys on the ferris wheel.



With my eight year old being on the autism spectrum, and also having a toddler on the trip I was AMAZED at how well they both did! Sure there were some moments of meltdowns and toddler fits, but they’re kids.  It wasn’t like what I was expecting.  We couldn’t have carted our little guy around easily without the (disclosure- affiliate ad here) Tula Carrier, that my hubby loved to use too. It was easy for us to switch off when going on rides. Seriously a life saver and made things simple along with the stroller.

We were exhausted by the end of the second day, and picked up some souvenirs, before saying goodbye to the happiest place on earth. I’m hoping we get to visit home next year (I’m incredibly homesick) and make a Disney trip, because this mama’s heart needs it in her life.


22 thoughts on “A Disney Throwback Thursday

      1. Aww thanks! Yeah, I’m sure he was thrilled. Luckily the tow truck had already brought another truck for him and got to continue is Day. Hopefully it will be better


  1. Aw looks like you had such a fun trip with your youngins! I grew up by Dinseyworld and went a couple times a year as well. Now I am 12 hours away from the Disney magic and I miss it so much!! Disney is just so wonderful. *sighs and dreams of Mickey bars*

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