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Get Up The Courage

We all have our passions, dreams, our most deep desires.  I believe for most of us, they start in our childhood. Something that puts that spark of magic in our hearts, and makes our eyes light up with wonder.

For me it began when I sang along to “Part of Your World” when I was no older than my youngest.  I couldn’t get enough.  With each Disney movie, every musical (especially “The Sound of Music) my passion grew.  It felt like my tiny little heart was going to explode with emotion.

When I was six I started piano lessons and at eight auditioned for my first musical and was cast.  I took countless voice lessons, and was ALWAYS singing.

In high school for some reason I took drama and not choir every year until I was a senior.  I will never forget the choir teacher actually smacking me (playfully) and wanting to know why I hadn’t been there the past three years.  As if on cue, the drama teacher walked in and I pointed to him.  Oh if looks could kill.  It was hilarious.

So why can’t I show people what I love more than anything? My friends and family tell me how beautifully I sing and that I’ve brought them to tears.  Maybe I’m too hard on myself? Or it could be I don’t believe I would make it? Thirty is way too old to break into the entertainment industry isn’t it? All this self doubt.

The funny thing is I made a YouTube years ago and did a few covers. I actually had some wonderful, uplifting comments from people.  Then my video camera broke and here I am six years later trying to find the courage to put myself out there again.


One thought on “Get Up The Courage

  1. Awh, you should get it fixed and keep at it! Breaking into the industry is unlikely for loads of people. That’s just a sad fact, but if you enjoy it and want to share it with others, put more on your Youtube page!

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