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He Shouldn’t Have to Change

IMG_0868.JPGMy middle tiny human, like other kids on the autism spectrum is a very repetitive creature.  He tends to hum or sing things like a broken record, and could possibly break a swear word out of the pope.  What is completely obnoxious and mind numbing after an hour or more to others, is calming for him.

If you haven’t read his story, you can get caught up here.

Yesterday was another heartbreaking day for M and myself.  I went to pick him and his brother up from the bus stop and witnessed T with his hand over M’s mouth and the bus driving shouting “Don’t tell me, tell your mom!”  Immediately, I felt an overwhelming sense of dread.  He had been relentlessly bullied by another student, but that hasn’t been an issue in a few weeks, so I thought here we go again.

I asked M what was wrong and his brother immediately interjected (which I’ve told him not to do because it makes M feel that he isn’t important enough to explain) telling me M wouldn’t stop making obnoxious noises.  He told me that everyone, including the bus driver (which I have contacted transportation about) told him to shut up.  Then apparently one of the kids told M that he was going to MURDER him if he didn’t stop.

Another child threatened to kill my son because he has autism.  Let that sink in.

I wanted to breakdown and cry and just hold my son. He didn’t want to be touched and was yelling and crying the entire walk back home.

I’ve tried tirelessly to get him on to a special education route, but apparently his needs are not high enough.  I’m waiting impatiently for the transportation supervisor to contact me and maybe NOW they will determine that his needs ARE high enough.  I’m so broken and furious. I can’t protect my son at school from these cruel bullies.  I shouldn’t have to tell him to stop being himself so that he’s not threatened.  Really I’m just at a loss, crying as I type this.  Hopefully these people place him where he needs to be so he’s not afraid to get on the bus to come home.

If any of you have been in a situation similar and have advice or just kind words, please feel free to share.

Thanks for listening ❤️


3 thoughts on “He Shouldn’t Have to Change

  1. Praying for wisdom, and people your families needs met. This is a hard situation. People are so ignorant of it, yet it more common now. I just don’t get it. Blessings as you love on your family as God gave you each unique and special. Oh so special!! I will pray for strength for you, as you have to see your child hurting. Also just for everyday battles. 🙏☝💛

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