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My Wise Little Toddler

This morning when we were walking home from dropping the older boys off, R was being particularly adorable.  He was saying he loves daddy, mommy, T, and M.  So I asked him if there’s anyone else he loves. He responded very proudly with “I love myself!”

Well, I swelled with emotion and pride and told him, “That is the most important! I’m so happy that you love yourself!”

I’ve been feeling very down lately.  Anxiety and depression always hold me in their clutches, so it was exactly what I needed to hear this morning, from this wonderful, pure, tiny human who unconditionally loves me.  Thanks for reminding me love bug. IMG_0656.JPG


6 thoughts on “My Wise Little Toddler

  1. Tears, I know my own son in all his anxieties and kind of quirky ticks would not be able to say that. He has major ticks that manifest badly in chaotic/stress filled times. Sadly his parents(me & his dad) were too preoccupied to help him with all of this. So now I have son struggling to better himself. Get his G.E.D, learn to drive, and all being so rot with anxiety someday I am in amazement at how he does it. I am so blessed to be emotionally stable now to help him. Just sad for all the years that were lost by our hands. I know God is faithful to restore ALL. I love reading your blog. I remember my Eli being that little. In my eyes he is still my little E. I pray he is able to muddle his way with God’s gracious hand in this life as he is know “Adulting”! Self love is huge, took me awhile to get there after the removal of my ex from my life. If he has that then he is off to a grand youth!! ❤

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    1. It’s amazing how we can push through everything that tries to bring us down! We are more resilient than we think. I’m so glad your son is finding his way! Thank you for reading and I’m so glad you enjoy it! ❤️❤️❤️

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