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Flashback Friday

I brain farted and completely forgot my throwback Thursday post.  I will return to regularly scheduled throwbacks next week. So for this flashback Friday detour I thought it would be fun to fill you in about one of T’s proudest moments!

It was the VBS (vacation bible school) time of summer, and the youngins were asked to dress up being sick, and the sickest looking individual would win! So I made this kid look like he needed immediate medical attention.  The previous competition was wearing red


Pretty adorably red if red if you ask me!

Now here he is all grossed up


He won first place!  Holding his prizes and his fake vomit, super excited and thanking me profusely for my “talented” work.

I love when I’m able to help my boys achieve something. No matter how small, it’s always a huge deal to them. ❤️


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