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The Five Year Old Inner Me is Screaming With Joy

If you haven’t heard about it yet there is something HUGE coming to ABC

Last week on twitter I found out my favorite Disney movie of ALL time is coming out in October, LIVE onstage.


The Little Mermaid, according to Oh My Disney will be live action with a little animation thrown in.  I couldn’t be more excited!

My boys however, don’t share any of my enthusiasm and would only be stoked if it was some sort of Avenger show.


The live show isn’t cast yet, and I’m stalking the interwebs waiting for any news.  Here’s a fantasy cast list from entertainment weekly. I could see Gaga as Ursula for sure.

So as I sit here and wait for the fateful day, I’ve been browsing around looking to add to my own Little Mermaid treasure trove. I’m always so focused on buying gizmos and gadgets for my littles that I often forget about spoiling myself a bit.

I hope those of you who came across this are as excited as I am, and find your own thingamabobs to satiate your fan girl/guy status until the premier.

A little known fact about me, I LOVE cosplay, but have never had the funds to really get into it.  If I could piece an Ariel outfit together along with makeup and a tutorial would there be any interest?

Leave a comment below to share your excitement or interest in a little sea witch transformation magic 😉


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