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My Silly Firstborn

I didn’t plan on writing three posts today, but when inspiration strikes I figure why not grab it by the horns.

Those of you who have been following me for a while know a lot of my posts have talked about about my eight year old who has autism.  It is a major focus of my blogging journey, because his diagnosis is a huge part of our daily lives.

However, today you will all have the pleasure of getting to know my first born a little better.


My strapping young lad taking a selfie (with my phone)

This kid right here is a character.  Cynical as they come, questions everything and has to see physical proof.  He is smart as a whip, and can even out-sarcasm/outwit me.  He’s obsessed with call of duty,  roblox, and mine craft, just like most other preteen boys of his generation.

So now to the actual topic, and something that cracks me up about this kid.  Every night when he showers he either asks me to help find some clothes for the next day (if I’ve been slacking on folding laundry) or he grabs them himself.  The boy has pajamas, but he always puts on his outfit for the next day the night before.

I always tell him he’s going to end up with sweaty/stinky “clean” clothes, but he insists they’re fine.  So I asked him a while back why he sleeps in his clothes. His answer, because I’m lazy, and it’s one less thing to do in the morning.  Haha, well he’s honest and I guess I can’t argue with that.  Love my boy




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