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Twitter Inspired: Things I Don’t Accept

If you are part of the twitter universe, you know all about the hashtag games.  I recently became active on twitter again, and have discovered this small guilty pleasure.  I was having a little writers block today until I came across the hashtag “things I don’t accept”.

So here are five things I don’t accept:

One bathroom and five people

The hallelujah chorus will sing sweet music the day we move into a house that has more than one bathroom. As if sharing a bathroom with three boys and a hubby wasn’t bad enough, the cat box is in there too.


I can’t stand the sound of taking things out of styrofoam packaging. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me and makes my skin crawl. My kids think it’s hilarious and will then break it into tiny little pieces all over the house.

Which brings me to

Cleaning up after everyone

I know I know, I’m a mom and housework is essential. I keep a clean house, but come on kids. I’m not your butler.  Especially my oldest. I do not want to pick up your chip bags, snack bags, and random Kleenex trails that you leave around the house.  There is a hamper in the bathroom for your clothes when you take a shower, you it.


Self checkout problems

My item was NOT removed from the bagging area, and no I don’t have my own bags because I forgot them in the car.


My toddler’s weird eating habits

No, your cereal does not want to bathe in your juice. Please put your pb and j back together, and stop decorating my floor with egg salad sandwich.


These are just a few of the silly everyday things that I don’t accept.  Feel free to share yours in the comments




21 thoughts on “Twitter Inspired: Things I Don’t Accept

  1. Love the cat GIF, of course! Feel for you on the bathroom front, big time! Totally about the self-checkout. It is so rare to get one of those to work without a hitch. Absolute yes to the cleaning up after everyone and the styrofoam. Ich. I don’t currently have a toddler, but a baby on the way. So, yeah, fun times await!

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    1. I need to catch Goku in the act so I can make a gif of him! 😂😂 I love that you can relate to just about everything. Just reading the word styrofoam makes me cringe. Lol


  2. They are good! 🙂
    Okay, here’s something that the universe sometime does to me that is NOT ACCEPTABLE:
    Putting on a clean, clean, ironed shirt, brushing my teeth then getting half way to work before noticing the small streak of toothpaste down the front of the shirt.
    Have a great day. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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