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Need a House? Call Miss Mouse!

My mother was an avid reader. I’m pretty sure she had close to the amount of books Beast had in his castle.  Every night we would snuggle in bed together and she would read to me.  I’d always ask for just one more, but usually after the fifth book I was milking it.

The time we shared reading was and is so special.  One of my absolute FAVORITES was “Need a House? Call Miss Mouse!” It’s a beautifully illustrated story about a carpenter mouse who builds amazing homes for all of her woodland friends


We read hundreds of books together over the years, but there is something about this one that is stamped on my heart.


Sadly, our copy was lost in storage years later because we couldn’t afford it.  Some day when I have the funds I’m going to track one down.  I looked it up a few years ago because I was dying to get it for my boys and the price tag is a hefty 112.00.  Yikes!

Even if I’m never able to share it with my boys I will always treasure the beautiful memories with my mother.



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