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Summer Playin, Ready to Have a Blast

I can’t recall a time that I’ve been more excited for summer than this first one in our new home (well maybe a few childhood ones). Now don’t get me wrong, I ADORE San Diego and miss it so much, but moving to the pacific north west was for the best and we get to create new adventures!

Back home in California we were always broke and besides the rare trip to Disneyland or Sea World we didn’t get out much.  My kids have never been camping.  Ever.  This year that changes!

We are already talking about our first camping trip and I am so excited I could burst.  T is so ready for a camping adventures. He is excited to fish, and swim in a lake for the first time. M isn’t thrilled about not having any technology and I’m hoping when it’s time to go he is excited too, and R doesnt get it but I know he will have a blast.

Our camping buddies are great new family friends who also have all boys, four to be exact.  Seven boys, and four adults,  should be an insanely good time. Haha.

Besides camping, I’m looking forward to all the different activities our town and surrounding areas have to offer.  There are ziplining adventures, hot air balloon rides (not too sure about this one yet) numerous hiking trails, and tons of summer activities for the munchkins.

I figure the boys will need water guns and other summer type toys to add to the fun.  Amazon has this great (affiliate link—>) Summer Toy List  if you need any inspiration for your littles.

Of course camping is just for a few days of summer and we need ways to entertain the little beasties until September!  These next few items are a few of my top picks from the summer toy list:

Bunch o Balloons


The boys have been asking me for these since they saw them on TV

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Outdoor Folding Lawn and Camping Chair

Not a toy I know, but I need this adorable chair for my three year old. In my defense it was on the list.

Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 Red

Nerf guns are essential for the bigger boys, and I’m sure my husband will want this as soon as he checks my post 😉

CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4 Inflatable 4-Person Island Tube

We’ve never been tubing (if you don’t count waterparks) Of course the grownups need to have fun too! I guess we can share with the kids..maybe 😀


Now, hopefully I can talk my husband into getting some of these!

What are your favorite summer activities?


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