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Autism and Technology

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Hello loves,

As I was in the middle of writing a different post, M started melting down. So I put it on hold, and decided to dive into this one.   He is still in full force as I write,  and I’m giving him the space he needs to self calm.  Sometimes it’s successful, and others I need to intervene in different ways depending on the type of meltdown.


This particular one happens to be about Roblox.  For those of you who are scratching your heads, it’s on online game with thousands of mini games to choose from.   The character customization is pretty broad, and my older boys can play it on their tablets, game consoles, and the computer.  Its actually pretty neat, last night I watched my son virtually ride the Jurassic Park ride from Universal Studios Hollywood. It was incredibly detailed, and had me reminiscing and pointing stuff out very enthusiastically.

Here’s the website if you’d like to check it out for your littles or yourself Roblox

So M is playing one of the mini games, and he can’t get past a certain challenge.  I have no idea how to play, and T is on the computer also playing Roblox.  M is infuriated because no one will help him get past this level.  Now, I’m not mean mommy at all. I calmly explained that if it’s too hard, play another game and come back to it later.  As those of you who are aware of autism know, there isn’t any reasoning during meltdowns, although you can always try.


M was sitting in the living room, back arched on the couch screaming at us.  Calling us idiots and useless for not being able to help him, and trying to kick R who was only attempting to make M feel better by giving him a hug.  It’s exasperating, every time.

Technology is wonderful for M.  He loves to learn and is always asking questions. I hear “hey google, what is the largest fish in the world”, or “hey google, what is the population of China”. His tablet is a wonderful tool, but it’s also a huge part of the problem.  I’ve had to take it away for a few days at a time, which never goes over well, because of his behaviors.

I recently purchased minecraft pocket edition for his tablet, so he can play on his own, with no one messing with his world.  I’ve told him, stick with your minecraft and games that you can play that do not frustrate you.  I don’t like taking any of the kids devices away, but as parents we do what we have to.

Another AMAZING recent discovery from a fellow mom blogger on her Facebook page is Autcraft.  It’s a minecraft sever specifically for people on the spectrum! You can find her blog here.  We haven’t had the chance yet to explore the server, but I’m hoping my hubby and I can spend some time tomorrow just with M, to see if it’s the right fit for him.

It’s a blessing and a curse, and I hope with time as he matures it is more of a blessing.  Good news though, the meltdown is over after an hour and a half. This mama is happy.



2 thoughts on “Autism and Technology

    1. It all depends on the day and how long he melts down. Once he’s calm he’ll either be in a mood for a while, start talking our ear off again about his favorite topics, or maybe go shit himself in his room

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