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I “celebrated” my 30th birthday last month, and I joke with my friends that it’s my first second 29th birthday.  I was going to go out and celebrate with a few friends and wear some sort of cliche “This girl is 30 T Shirt”, but funds are tight and I honestly didn’t care.  Which is a little sad.

Today is my husbands 30th! He’s also very laid back about his birthday and told me not to get him anything (I didn’t listen).  I love celebrating his birthday! Why not be excited about the day he came into this world? He’s always been this way with his birthdays though, but regardless I still celebrate.  I remember attempting to throw his a surprise party, and he acted surprised and enjoyed himself but told me he knew, haha.




This will be the 13th birthday we’ve celebrated together! Pretty special if you ask me! I’m anxiously waiting for him to get off work, so I can give him his gift.  I’d tell you what it is, but he religiously follows my blog.  If you’re super curious, I’m planning on taking pictures and maybe even a video that I’ll post on my facebook page!  I’m also in the process of writing another blog for today, it’s taking some time so be on the lookout friends.

Happy Birthday to my amazing man, love you!



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