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My Favorite Part of the Morning


We still co sleep with R. Almost very morning I wake up before all the kiddos.  This morning in particular little man was all snuggled into me, and it was one of those surreal moments.  One where I looked at him, and am amazed that he’s mine and so precious, growing into a smart amazing little guy.


I think about how quickly life has gone by, and my older boys used to be this small in bed with mommy and daddy all cozy, warm and happy.  I’m in awe at all three of my boys. They amaze me every single day, and I’m so thrilled to be their mother and continue to watch them grow.



4 thoughts on “My Favorite Part of the Morning

  1. I’d get so annoyed hearing every old person I pass saying They grow up so fast. I’m like, I know. Thank you. But darn if they aren’t so right. Gotta enjoy them while they’re little. Of course, when they’re older it’s kinda nice too. Less work at any rate. 🙂

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