How Early is Too Early?

Hi everyone!

I know I’ve been M I A for a few days. Did you miss me? It’s been a whirlwind of M meltdowns, and me feeling like complete crap from this awful cold.

T had a letter sent home from school (no he’s not in trouble, everyone got one). In October last year before my boys started school, the first letter was sent home stating the 5th graders would be having a sexual education class at the end of the year. It caught me off guard slightly when T handed me the paper because I expected this particular curriculum to be a part of sixth grade.

He is very much aware of the birds and the bees already.  When my kids ask questions, I give them honest age appropriate answers.  So I summarized the paper for him and told him he was going to have a fun day on Friday.  Parent of the year over here.

Yesterday when I picked the boys up I asked him if there was anything he wanted to talk to us about.  He told me there were a few things he didn’t know but wasn’t ready to talk about it.  He also said there were fourth grade girls on the bus talking about the class too.  That stopped me in my tracks.  To my knowledge fourth graders are 9 maybe 10 years old? I thought that was just a little TOO early.  Apparently it wasn’t just the fifth graders.

M is going in to third grade next year and I know for a fact by fourth grade he will not be ready to learn about any form of sexual education.

This morning the topic of discussion from my 11 year old was wet dreams. I told him only Dad can answer those questions. 😱

They do give us the option to not have our child/children participate at least. So my question for all of you wonderful readers is how early is too early? How would you feel if your little ones had sexual education classes at such a young age?




5 thoughts on “How Early is Too Early?

  1. I wanted my kids to hear everything from us. The thing is thinking back a lot was already be said even in my growing up. Girls hit puberty way before boys do. So the sooner the better. I always used the bible as my example. I remember early early my son as inquisitive as he was while bathing wanted to know what his testicles were for. Well at the age of 4 nothing. So I said exaxlty that as of now they are needed or used for nothing. Pray about it. It is a hard one especially these days.

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    1. My mom was amazing. She talked to me about everything and also bought me a book, it was actually great. The title was “The Period Book” it was about EVERYTHING, not just periods. I wish we could put pictures in comments.


  2. My oldest two were 6 and 8 when i got pregnant with their sister. I had a generic open conversation about sex and babies and consent as they are all important and kids at any age can be abused. I have always told them any questions I’ll answer just not personal questions about my sex life. My oldest has a sex ed class next school year I 7th grade and he’ll be 12. I remember doing a sex ed and puberty class in 5th grade at 10. I think home preperation and understanding it’s normal part of life and mixes with puberty and hormones that if interest is shown delicate answers should be given.

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    1. I’m fairly relaxed when it comes to informing my kiddos. I want them to know what is age appropriate, and if I did decide to let M be a part of the class (which is HIGHLY unlikely) he will hear everything from me first. It’s so important for us as parents to explain everything to our kids so they hear the correct information, and if they do participate they are not hearing it for the first time den their teacher or a stranger


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