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This Mama is a Helicopter

Sorry, not sorry my overprotective mom is showing.

I am a helicopter mom and proud of it. My toddler leaves the room for more than one minute and my mama alert goes from low to severe in 2.5 milliseconds.  A lot of the time I wonder if I didn’t suffer from anxiety if I’d be more relaxed, and not have to see them in my peripherals all time time.  Possibly, but I’d still be a helicopter, just a more relaxed version.


Those of you who have followed my blog from the beginning know I became a mom at the very young age of 18. Looking back at that time I would still consider myself a hoverer. I had no idea what I was doing like most new moms, but I was not without that fierce maternal instinct to protect my little man always. I looked to my mother constantly for advice, calling at 2am when he had what was only a low grade fever from teething.

T was a very easy baby, he starting sleeping through the night at 3 months unless he was sick.  The toddler years however, were insane.  I couldn’t leave the kid alone for five minutes without him getting into my makeup or peeing on the dog   Yes, you read that right.  The poor thing was being crate trained, and couldn’t run away.   That was a fun day.


Then M came along.  This child put anything and everything in his mouth, fell out a window, and drank mop n glow, among other things. The mop n glow incident happened with my mother in law when I was at work.  She called me frantic saying it was only a few seconds.  Exactly! Only a few seconds, and these crazy tiny humans are unknowingly trying to sabotage their little lives.  I can only imagine what would have happened if I didn’t helicopter.


I hear the positives and negatives from people. “They are kids! They need to have space to make their own mistakes, scrape their knees a little, and learn the boundaries of their own world.”  I completely agree with that!  I’m not smothering,  I’m hovering.  When I take them to the park I let them run off, even little R.  However, I’m close and following along making sure they’re ok.  They have their freedom, but only so much of it.

Which brings me to technology.  The older boys have a tablet and a computer that I constantly monitor.  T has a password for his computer which I know, and it’s only there so his brothers can’t get on without permission.  M doesn’t have a password at all, or any social media whatsoever.  He doesn’t understand why he can’t have one, even though we’ve explained more times than I can count.  He uses the argument that T has one.  I remind him that T doesn’t have ANY personal information on the fb at all and it’s only used for gaming.  With M it is even more terrifying, because he is completely oblivious to any threat.

R is still at the age where I am constantly on my toes.  He’s newly a threenager, and thinks he can do everything the big boys AND mom and dad do.   If I don’t constantly monitor the child, somehow he would end up on the roof of our apartment, or in the car with one of his brothers like that 8 year old who drove himself and his younger sibling to McDonald’s.


Every one of us have our own parenting style, and that’s wonderful. As long as we are taking care of our tiny humans the best way we know how, that is all that matters.  I just like to throw in my two cents.



12 thoughts on “This Mama is a Helicopter

  1. I’m a helicopter parent too. All of the kids in our neighbourhood are older and running off to do things and it’s hard to watch my 3.5 have to stay behind. In the long run, being there to correct them when they need it or pick them up will make them a better person in the long run I figure 🙂

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  2. My husband already says I’m a helicopter mom and my son is only 3 months old! If we aren’t there to take care of them, what are we there for? He can have his little baby independence, but I’m gonna be close by keeping him safe, because I’m his mommy and that’s my job 😊

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  3. It’s so tough to find just the right balance. I’m sure my husband would call me a helicopter mom too. We just went to a funeral at a lake house and I couldn’t rest the whole time. Kids and water make me so anxious. Hang in there!

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