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Ok, so I’ve been in a bit of a slump these past few days. I had a migraine from the depths of H-E double hockey sticks, and life has been a little crazy.  I forced myself to sit down, take a breather and pour out a special part of my soul.

Do you have that one possession that means everything? Full of nostalgia, love, and maybe some childhood wonder? It could be something as mundane as a concert ticket, or maybe it’s a blanket you’ve had forever that you could never part with.

Mine is a Strawberry that I’ve had for 24 years. No, not the fruit that would be gross.


This is Strawberry. My grandma bought this sweet little pink bear from Big Lots when it was still Pic N Save.  Just a simple pink bear given to me at Easter by my amazing grandma.

I was six years old, and took her everywhere with me. I didn’t have any siblings, so Strawberry became my confidante.  I’d talk to her when my parents were fighting in the next room thinking I was sleeping.  She always had a place in my bed, and I even took her to camp during girlscouts. She also tagged along when I went to summer camp before my eighth and ninth grade year.

I lost my grandma when I was sixteen years old.  I wasn’t close to my other grandma who had passed away when I was 11, and had lived on the east coast, and I never met my either of my grandfathers.

I held Strawberry very tight that night.  It felt like part of my heart had been ripped from my chest.  It was the first time someone I loved so much was taken from me.  The worst of all was I had to watch my mom go through the pain of losing her mother.  That night we crawled into bed together and both snuggled with the most precious stuffed bear in the world.  She made both of us feel like our mom and grandma was still with us.

I didn’t mean for this to become such a sad post! It’s like I have word vomit when I write.   I just felt the need to talk about my most precious possession, and how she still makes me feel connected to my childhood, my grandma, and most recently my mother.

Even my boys know and can sense just how special Strawberry is, and are so thoughtful if they find her on the floor because the tiniest human isn’t so in tune yet, haha.  We are very fond of Strawberry.  So now I’d like to hear your stories!  What is your favorite possession? The story behind what makes it special? I’d love to know!




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