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School Transfer Let Down

I’m out of my funk, so second post of the day!  I had been wanting to write this one ever since I got the phone call, but I was a hermit watching Gilmore Girls and just needed time to clear my head.

As those of you who have been reading my blog know, we moved last year out of our home state and it’s been a whirlwind, let me tell you. T is my social butterfly and makes friends fairly easily.  He’s made some great ones this school year and wanted to attend a particular middle school where all of his friends will be going.

Well, I had a meeting with the principle of the middle school last Monday.  He went over the amount of absences and the delayed enrollment of the boys from when we moved here.  The absences were a major concern for him, but I assured him that we are getting a second vehicle (yay!) and that T would be at school.  He told me he’d call later in the week, so I waited.

I happened to miss the call because I was breaking up some sort of battle with the kiddos. I checked the voicemail, and heard the “Unfortunately at this time I can not approve his transfer, please call back in August before school as the situation may change”. Major bummed mom moment here.  Why would he sugar coat it? Giving us this glimmer of hope that my boy would be able to enjoy sixth grade with his buddies.


So I sat T down and told him the situation.  He handled it pretty well, and I informed him worst case scenario, we hear the same thing in August and can enroll him there for seventh grade.

I don’t know how much it bothers him, because he seemed fine.  I however am not.  When I was little I was bounced around school to school. We weren’t military, I wasn’t a bad kid, my mom just wanted me at the best schools, and it was ok up until a certain point. The worst was my eighth grade year going into high school.  The school all my friends were going to was full for transfers.  I cried.  A lot.


T has also been to his fair share of schools. This is his third public school, and I homeschooled for a few years.

I understand that the school had expectations and they don’t want to risk enrolling a student who has had attendance issues, but this poor kid probably won’t know anyone at this new school, and it will be like starting over again.  It’s hard enough being the new kid, but two years in a row without any friends to have your back is hard.  Middle school is a rough place!

Im holding out some hope that we will be able to enroll him in august.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!! I’d like to hear if any of you have similar stories, and what the outcome was.

*The pictures in this post are not my own*


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