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4th of July Fun

There was floating, barbecuing, fireworks,  and boys running around like wild monkeys yesterday on our fun family trip for our 4th of July celebrations.

Yesterday was an absolute spur of the moment blast!  Originally we were going to go to a park downtown with vendors, beer garden, lots of food, etc, but my hubby had other plans.  He called after work and told me to get the munchkins ready for a lake trip!  Our good friends and their four boys were going, and to avoid the crowds we decided to tag along.

I was a bit apprehensive at first, because R hasn’t had much experience being near a huge body of water, and honestly the helicopter mom side of me was really nervous.

The hubs came home with a new cooler, tons of BBQ worthy food, chips galore and a cute little floaty for the little.  We piled in the car and off we went!

It was only a 20 min drive and parking was a breeze, nothing compared to the madness of trying to park an any event back home in San Diego.  Our friends had already found the perfect spot, about 50 feet from the water, with a BBQ.


T went right in to the water with the other kids while M and R weren’t as sure. The water is very shallow until you’re more than halfway out to the barrier where people can use their boats.  Perfect for the tiny minis.

Our friends brought their HUGE six person float equipped with cup holders and storage space for more drinks/snacks.  We spent quite a while out on the float.  M wanted to go out and then he FREAKED.  His anxiety hit and he wanted out so I had to leave R with the other adults and rescue him.  He was screaming at the top of his lungs calling me a coward and crying.  It took three of us to pry his legs off of the edge and get him into the water with me.  He proceeded to shriek in my ear, accusing me of drowning him, while I could feel what I imagine was the whole park staring at us.   When we got to shallow water I told him to stand up, and he said you’re trying to kill me, but realized his feet were touching the bottom. It was rough for the little guy, and he was in a bad mood for the remaining hour and a half.

Other tham M’s meltdown the trip was a huge success.  We saw a few different firework displays, had steak, burgers, deviled egg potato salad (my personal favorite) and macaroni salad. All the kids had a great time, even M when I asked him about it later, said he had a lot of fun.


We left around 9 and as we were driving home fireworks were being set off on each side of the freeway, it was king of surreal. I absolutely love fireworks, and they make me emotional, so yes I was a little teary eyed on the ride home.

We forgot the huge box of different assorted poppers, so we let the kids at them and they set them off for at least an hour outside.  Then more fireworks! Right at the edge of our complex people were setting them off, so we had our own personal show. A beautiful end to a wonderful day.

We haven’t had an outing like this in a while and plan to come back every other weekend over the summer.



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