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Somtimes You’re In a Funk 

Life has been a bit hectic lately.  We’ve had personal things going on that are a little too deep for the interwebs.  When everything from the tiniest issue, to the mother load all of problems piles up, I crawl into my shell like a hermit crab.  

I’m trying to grow out of this, but sometimes being only human, I get into a funk and withdraw into myself.  I bet some of you are nodding, like yeah I do that too! Or maybe you’re like this woman is crazy.  Either way I agree, haha.

We all experience some form of detachment when life decides to be an even bigger bitch. I see my husband, kids, other family members and friends all go through their own “funk”. We do what we need to get through life’s storms, whether it’s a tiny sprinkle or a hurricane.  

I have to remind myself that every situation is temporary, and remember that when the sun is shining, to bask in it and appreciate the good.  



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