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Daily Life 

Ok, so I need to share my excitement! My Facebook page for MamaOutnumbered has over 250 likes! For those of you interested in following me and the fam bam daily come check it out. You can find it here! I'm having a blast with this page, and it's awesome that people are so in to it.… Continue reading Daily Life 


How Early is Too Early?

Hi everyone! I know I've been M I A for a few days. Did you miss me? It's been a whirlwind of M meltdowns, and me feeling like complete crap from this awful cold. T had a letter sent home from school (no he's not in trouble, everyone got one). In October last year before… Continue reading How Early is Too Early?

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The Acts of Kindness That Leave Imprints on Your Heart

Hi everyone! I'm still alive, just been really sick and still navigating the daily hustle and bustle with three boys.  Now that I'm feeling somewhat better I wanted to talk about a beautiful, simple moment that happened the other day. All five of us piled into the car to make a short trip to the… Continue reading The Acts of Kindness That Leave Imprints on Your Heart