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4th of July Fun

There was floating, barbecuing, fireworks,  and boys running around like wild monkeys yesterday on our fun family trip for our 4th of July celebrations. Yesterday was an absolute spur of the moment blast!  Originally we were going to go to a park downtown with vendors, beer garden, lots of food, etc, but my hubby had… Continue reading 4th of July Fun

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Daily Life 

Ok, so I need to share my excitement! My Facebook page for MamaOutnumbered has over 250 likes! For those of you interested in following me and the fam bam daily come check it out. You can find it here! I'm having a blast with this page, and it's awesome that people are so in to it.… Continue reading Daily Life 

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Twitter Inspired: Things I Don’t Accept

If you are part of the twitter universe, you know all about the hashtag games.  I recently became active on twitter again, and have discovered this small guilty pleasure.  I was having a little writers block today until I came across the hashtag "things I don't accept". So here are five things I don't accept:… Continue reading Twitter Inspired: Things I Don’t Accept